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1st exhibition at ART SHOW PARIS

moi lors de ma premiere exposition

Art by emotionnal touch 

My project consists of promoting my concept "Art through emotional touch", a unique experience that allows for discovering art in a different way. I am convinced that this approach can offer a new perspective on art and evoke deep emotions in viewers, without distinction of their situation or condition.


"Art through emotional touch" is an innovative approach that allows creating works of art using touch and emotions. I create textures, shapes, and colors that are designed to stimulate the senses and emotions and can be appreciated by all audiences, including people with disabilities.


Viewers can touch the artworks to feel the textures and shapes, creating a unique sensory experience that goes beyond mere sight. My project consists of promoting this approach to art by organizing exhibitions, workshops, and events to share my work with the public, without distinction of their situation or condition. I want to honor people with disabilities by offering them a unique artistic experience that will allow them to discover art differently and evoke deep emotions.


Why "Art through emotional touch"?


When asked why I created this concept and these future exhibitions, I prefer to answer "For whom?". First of all, this concept and these exhibitions are dedicated to my goddaughter, who has Morsier syndrome or septo-optic dysplasia. This princess, my life, my little ray of sunshine, inspired me to see the world differently and rethink my art and my way of creating. Secondly, this exhibition is intended for all people with visual impairments or different syndromes. It aims to raise public awareness of the diversity of experiences and promote the inclusion of people with disabilities in the world of art.


Finally, this exhibition is for all parents and relatives of visually impaired children who are not or very poorly accompanied. I hope that this exhibition will be the first step in changing the situation of people with disabilities and raising public awareness of the issue of accessibility and inclusion in the world of art. I am convinced that my concept of "Art through emotional touch" can offer a unique and enriching experience for the senses and emotions, without distinction of the situation or condition of the viewers.


With your support, I am sure that we can realize this project and share this vision with a wider audience, honoring people with disabilities.


Leeloo4art ®

 Here is the link to my crowdfunding campaign on ULULE 

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The story of Leeloo4art

My story



My name is Inès Leeloo, 36 years old, also known as Leeloo or Lilly to my loved ones.


I have always loved art in all its forms, it has allowed me to free myself from certain emotional burdens, to take refuge in a beautiful universe. I put my heart and soul into my creations, my desires, my life...


My Baby "Leeloo4art ®" I have always dreamed of painting, so around the age of 20, I started a beautiful 2m high, 3-panel screen, it was a blank canvas.


I enjoyed it so much that I customized everything I had at hand, okay, there were some mishaps, and I didn't keep it, much to my regret. Having moved many times, I lost some fragments of my past life, so I wanted to draw them in my own way (abstract, a bit psychedelic, special creations, but unique with inspirations here and there).


I may not be what you wish, but I am me and proud to be me... this little phrase resonates with emotion within me.


Please don't hesitate to contact me for any questions, comments, or suggestions.

Leeloo4art montrant la toile abstraite Big Mystic Dreams

Contact us

Thank you for what you sent !

moi posant avec une toile vierge

Leeloo4art® is a registered artistic brand with the INPI (French Institute of Industrial Property). The registration of this brand was completed on December 6, 2022, and its development is ongoing.


It specializes in creating art, illustrations, workshops, and other forms of visual and gustatory arts, and is the creator of the artistic concept "Art through emotional touch". This website is currently being updated.

Pinceaux d'art tachés de peinture

My creations are unique pieces.

All of my creations are protected by two types of prerogatives:

- Moral rights that protect me as the author.

I oppose any disclosure of my works that would be made without my consent, any use that would distort my works, or any claim that my name be mentioned. This moral right is perpetual.

- Patrimonial rights that allow me to prohibit or authorize the use of my works and to receive remuneration in return in the latter case.

Our payment and delivery methods are varied and flexible.

Check out our gallery of items and experience Leeloo4art®.

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